age-appropriate - appropriate amount - appropriate level

Clement Kindergarten advocates the curriculum content and teaching policy of “age-appropriate – appropriate amount – appropriate level”.
The 4 level curriculum in the kindergarten is compiled step by step according to the six major learning areas of children’s learning and implements the concept of “just-in-time learning”.

International high-quality picture book-themed teaching

The Chinese curriculum of Clement Kindergarten and Nursery takes “picture book teaching” as the main axis. The selected picture books are based on daily life topics and positive moral education content, and through extended activities such as questions and games, they trigger children to think, discuss, and reflect, allowing children to gain “life-oriented” thinking and learning. The fourth-level picture books in the kindergarten come from authors from all over the world, allowing children to be exposed to diversified and multi-angle readings from an early age and cultivate an international perspective.

Self-discovery learning

Clement Kindergarten and Nursary adopts the concept of “self-discovery learning” to integrate the curriculum of kindergarten levels. Clement’s “self-discovery learning” is first reflected in the environmental design of the campus.

The campus of Nursary class is not divided into classrooms, but uses different learning areas as learning media, including: picture book reading area, tactile area, skills training area, life experience area, physical fitness area and music area to match children’s curiosity about learning. KG class uses diversified learning environments and “picture books” to connect themes and six major areas for learning.

The KG class has a large learning area – “Small Community”; contains a small restaurant, bookstore, flower shop, fruit and vegetable shop and fresh meat shop. Children can immerse themselves in simulated real-life situations and play different game tasks. , role-playing and other activities for children to participate in to develop their interaction, communication and problem-solving abilities.

Kindergarten and Kindergarten of STEM courses

Kaiwen Kindergarten and Kindergarten has designed a set of STEM courses suitable for young children and has set up a STEM learning area on campus for children to engage in STEM activities of their own choice.

There are different types of small experiments in the STEM area, which are paired with learning activity books for children to use when conducting experimental activities using scientific steps.

The KG class conducts “exploration and study activities” at least once every semester, allowing children to explore and study through STEM spirit and methods with scientific steps such as “problem discovery, hypothesis, verification, induction, summary”, etc. Improve self-confidence and problem-solving skills.