April Tsui

Director of Clement Kindergarten and Nursery

On behalf of Hong Kong Clement Kindergarten and Nursery, I would like to welcome you!

With the unremitting efforts and full cooperation of all members, Hong Kong Clement Kindergarten and Nursery finally completed a series of preparatory work in September 2020 and began to be officially open.For Clement Kindergarten and Nursery , this is undoubtedly a new starting point , a better extension and expansion of Clement Education.

Clement Kindergarten and Nursery is committed to providing professional and high-quality preschool education services for children aged 2-6. Our curriculum design and arrangement are in line with educational levels and development-based courses, and learning is developed step by step according to children’s abilities and interests. Our school mission advocates “age-appropriate – appropriate amount – appropriate level ” curriculum design and teaching policies that are in line with children’s mental development and are designed in accordance with the natural laws of children’s development.

A child’s childhood only comes once in a lifetime, and we at Clement, will protect this beautiful and innocent childhood. The original intention and concept of founding Clement has always been to provide children with “love”, “beauty”, “inspiring”, “happy and healthy education”. These four concepts will always run through Clement’s teachers. In the daily teaching, give children a healthy and happy childhood.

Compared with the traditional preschool education model, we continue to explore, summarize, improve, and optimize the teaching curriculum around Clement Kindergarten’s philosophy and purpose.

At this stage, Clement’s curriculum has formed a “multi-material learning environment with independent activities” The “function of reading on children’s language development”, “the learning function of games” and “self-discovery learning” features strive to help children live happily, learn with interest and grow healthily in Clement Kindergartden . Here, I would like to thank this group of loving Clement team. Their concerted efforts, continuous efforts, and pursuit of excellence have created the Clement family. Together, we will continue to explore and innovate, move forward with determination, and create a better future. Clement is a Hong Kong preschool education brand with unique advantages and leading value.

Looking forward to the future, Clement will work hard with parents to witness every growth and transformation of our children!